Adding a pre registration

GoBright is able to pre register visitors so they'll be notified in advance. A visitor will receive a customized email with details regarding the meeting and receive a QR code that can be used for the digital reception. Pre registration can be added in either the portal or using Outlook.

Add a pre registration using the Portal

There are two ways to add pre registration for a visitor, by modifying a booking or by adding a new visitor under Visitors > My Visitors. 

Pre registration by booking

When creating or modifying a booking the Add pre registration button is available in the bottom left corner of the screen. Click the button to add a new pre registration.


Pre registration by Visitors

Go to Visitors > My Visitors and select the blue icon in the top-right corner to add a new pre registration. 2019-06-21_16_33_13-Window.png

Configure the pre registration

Now select the recently added or existing configuration and visitor type to continue. Note that for each visitor type a new pre registration is required.


Choose the location and select the host. This will be set to the user that is adding the pre registration but can be changed to another host (when you have the appropiate permissions). The language that can be set will define the language of the pre registration email.


A visitor can be registered for a single day or multiple days during a certain period of time. By selecting Multiple days a start and end date can be chosen. This option is useful for visitors that have multiple appointments as they'll receive a single email which can be used for the entire period.

Adding multiple persons

By adding more persons, all visitors will receive the same information by email. This is useful if a group or certain selection of visitors need to be added at the same time.

After configuring the pre registration continue the booking to send out the pre registration emails.

Add a pre registration using Outlook

In outlook pre registration works similar to the portal, however you'll only be able to use it when a new room booking is created. Select a room and press the pre registration button. To add a new pre registration press the add button.

Fill out all details that are required and press the blue add button to save the pre registration. To modify or delete the registration press the blue pencil or trashcan button respectively.

After configuring the pre registration continue the booking to send out the pre registration emails.

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