Visitor pre registration


Visitor pre registration configuration

To make use of pre registration the visitor registration configuration has a couple of options that need to be adjusted. Log in to the GoBright portal with your manager account, and choose Settings > General settings.

Make sure that Pre registration is enabled.


Next, go to Settings > Visitor registration.

Add a new visitor registration configuration with the '+' button, or select an existing one to edit.  Click an existing visitor type configuration or add a visitor type with the 'Add visitor type' button. A new subheader 'Pre registration' with two options is now available.


Enable the setting to use the configuration for pre registration. Note that some details are required for pre registration such as 'name' and 'email'. Other details can be required for pre registration as well by ticking the box next under 'Required at pre registration'


The last step is to configure one setting within the visitor display profile. Go to Settings > Profiles and choose the visitor registration display profile. Enable the following setting > 'I have a QR-code' button. This will enable pre registration on the display.


Add Email template

To notify visitors an email will be sent as soon as a pre registration has been created. This email can be customized by adding an email template to the visitor registration configuration.


Give the template a name and decide whether the emails that will be sent have a custom sender. If you want to use the 'custom sender' please let your system administrator configure the required settings, see below 'Authorization of custom sender email address'. 

The subject can be manually entered but it's possible to add certain 'variables' within the text. Press the '<#>' button to add a new variable. These will be gathered from the details entered within the 'Sign in fields' in the configuration.



There are three different types that can be added to an email; Text, Image and QR code.


Text can have multiple translations. Depending on the language that has been entered when creating a pre registration the email will be sent in the corresponding language. 


Images need to be either jpg or png and can be added from the media library or uploaded as a new file. The QR code is generated automatically and cannot be changed.

Authorization of custom sender email address

If you want to use a custom sender email address, it requires technical authorization settings in the companies IT systems.

To authorize GoBright to send emails on your behalf, the domain should be validated and configured with the proper SPF and DKIM settings. This way GoBright will be authorized to send emails from this address, and deliverability is guaranteed.

Please provide the domains you want to use as a sender to GoBright via the request form.
Supply the following in your request: your organization & the domains you want to use as sender.
Please request this via this form.

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