Configure NFC

NFC stands for Near-field communication. It is a set of communication protocols that enable two electronic devices, one of which is usually a portable device such as a smartphone or NFC card, to establish communication by bringing them within a small distance of each other.

GoBright users can either use a supported NFC card or their smartphone if NFC is supported. To configure and use NFC the following items are required:

  • NFC Card
  • NFC Reader

Enable the NFC module

In order to use the NFC options for your GoBright environment, you must first activate the NFC Options. You can do this by selecting General Settings in the Settings tab and then check Enable NFC options.

  • Log in to the GoBright portal with your manager account
  • Choose Settings > General
  • Enable NFC Options by ticking the box
  • Press Save to complete

Configure NFC per user

Each NFC chip has a unique ID containing (e.g. 00:00:00:00:00:00:00:00). This ID needs to be configured to a GoBright user within the User tab of the portal.

When the NFC ID of a user is known in Active Directory, you can use the Active Directory synchronization to assign the NFC Identifier for each user automatically.

  • Log in to the GoBright portal with your admin account
  • Go to the Admin Center > Users
  • Enter the ID in NFC identifier 
  • Use the Show NFC identifier button to check the ID
  • Press Save to complete

Authentication using a NFC card reader

Now that a NFC card has been linked to the user he or she will be able to authenticate by holding the card or smartphone against a NFC reader. Note that the Connect also has a build-in NFC reader that is used to for authentication.


Supported NFC Protocols

NFC has a wide range of protocols and not all of them are supported by the ProDVX card reader. To check whether the NFC card is supported the following steps can be taken:

If no ID is displayed or an error occurs the NFC card is not supported by the ProDVX card reader.

NFC ID unknown in the Active Directory

When the NFC ID of a user is unknown in the Active Directory, the steps above can be used to find the NFC ID's.

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