Ticker Tape Configuration

The ticker tape widget is able to display an RSS feed as scrolling text within a bar. While there are a few settings for visualization we encourage you to schedule the ticker within a different channel. We'll explain how this can be achieved.

Customize Channels

For this example, we are presuming the main content is displayed on a landscape screen in Full HD (1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels long). 

By default, there should at least be a single channel that has already been created. This channel should have a single zone, called main, which covers the maximum resolution of the screen.

We can check if this is the case:

  • Log in to the GoBright portal with your manager account, and choose Management > Channels & Layouts
  • Open the Channel and click on the resolution tab
  • It should display something like this:


Add a new zone

We want to add a new zone called ticker to this in order to schedule the ticker within this same channel.

  • Go to Management > Zones
  • Create a new zone here called Ticker

Now that the zone has been created we can use this within our channel.

  • Go back to Management > Channels & Layouts
  • Check the box with zone Ticker 


Configure the resolution

The final step is to configure the resolution with the new zone. Because we want to have the ticker on the bottom of the screen, we'll want to configure it something like this:


  • The position is set to 0, so the ticker is displayed across the entire width of the screen
  • The position is set to 980, the leaves 100 pixels on the bottom
  • The width is set to 1920, which covers the entire width of the screen
  • The height is set to 100, which is exactly the remaining height based on the y position

When this has been configured save the channel to continue.

Create a new playlist

Now that the channel has been set up we'll create a new playlist for the ticker. This playlist will only show the ticker and will only be playing within the Ticker zone. 


Add the Ticker Tape widget as a slide in the playlist and save it. The playlist can be used across multiple devices like any other playlist but will show the ticker when it is scheduled. 

Note, we discourage scheduling the Ticker Tape widget as a separate item in a slide or template. This will cause the slide to play longer than expected (or play indefinitely) as the Ticker is made to be shown constantly. 

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