It's possible to show content from a Twitter feed within GoBright View. In order to set this up a couple of steps needs to be taken within Twitter.


  • A Twitter developer account
  • An Api key 
  • An Api secret key
  • The name of the Twitter feed

Apply for a developer account

In order to use the Twitter Widget, you'll need a developer account to be set up within Twitter. This is because we'll be using information from the API which is only accessible as a developer. This can be done for free using the steps below:

  • Go to:
  • Press the blue Apply for a developer account button
  • Sign in with your Twitter account
  • Complete the registration and answer the questions
  • Choose standard application when prompted and choose Exploring the API
  • When prompted for how will you use the Twitter API you can enter Signage
  • Complete the rest of the questions

Create a new app

Next, you'll need to create a new App within Twitter and generate an Api key and Api secret keyThis information will then be used within GoBright View to receive the information. Follow the steps below to create a new app:

  • Go to
  • Create a new app underneath standalone apps
  • Give the app a name (e.g. GoBright View)
  • The next screen will show both the Api Key and Api Secret keymceclip2.png
  • Copy both of these and save them. We'll need both of these later within GoBright View.
  • You can now finish the app creation and close the webpage

Within GoBright View

Fill in the Api key and Api secret key in the Twitter widget.


Enter the name of a Twitter account like NASA. The widget should then display the content of the entered name.

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