GoBright View uses third party sources that are available for free. If the data from the free service should no longer be available, GoBright will try to find an alternative but cannot guarantee to resume the same service. All terms and conditions from the third party software are applicable when using the solution below.

OpenWeather is a free service that allows GoBright View to visualize weather data. To set up OpenWeather the following steps needs to be taken:


The first step is to create an account within OpenWeather:

After the account has been created you should have received an email to confirm your account:


Now that the account has been verified we'll need to get the API Key. This can be found by logging in to OpenWeather and go to

Generate a new API Key and save it:


Copy the API Key, we'll need this within GoBright View soon.

Within GoBright View

Navigate to Management > Widgets & Datasources. We'll need to configure the widget to enter the API key and specify the location.

  • Open the OpenWeather Widget
  • Press the Data source tab
  • Enter both the API key and the City in the fields below


City: The city must always include the country code at the end separated by a comma. So in this case Amsterdam is the name of the City and ,nl is the country code.

Navigate back to the Editor tab and a preview of the weather should now appear on the screen. Save the widget to save all changes, it can now be used within the templates and/or slides.


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