Configure NFC Stickers

While most desks can be equipped with the Connect, it's also possible to use an NFC sticker that can be placed on top of any surface. The benefit is that these can be treated like a Connect so that desk check-ins can be made on any location. 

To use the NFC sticker the following requirements must have been met:

  • A desk needs to be configured
  • The NFC ID of the sticker must be known or;
  • the GoBright App must be installed on a phone with NFC support (all regular Android phones, Apple iPhone 7 or higher)

For the needed support on different types of phones NTAG213 based NFC stickers are advised to be used, and also large NFC stickers (30-38mm diameter) are advised for optimal scanning. 

Adding an NFC sticker using the GoBright App

The quickest way to add an NFC sticker is by using the GoBright app. The steps are outlined below:

  • Press the Menu button on the home screen in the top-right-corner
  • Select Admin tools from the menu
  • Select 'GoBright Connects & NFC stickers'
  • Press the 'Add GoBright Connect / NFC sticker' button in the bottom
  • Choose 'Scan address by NFC'
  • Scan the sticker
  • Select the correct Room or Desk
  • Press 'Save'

The NFC sticker has now been successfully added to GoBright.

Adding an NFC sticker using the GoBright portal

If you're using the GoBright portal to add a new NFC sticker make sure that the ID of the sticker is known. You can obtain this by using any NFC scanner and scan the sticker.

  • Login to the GoBright portal with a manager account
  • Go to Settings > Devices > Sensors
  • Press the 'Add'-button in the top right corner to add a new sensor
  • Select the desk that needs to be linked to the specific sticker
  • In the drop-down menu, select 'NFC sticker'
  • Enter the ID of the NFC Sticker and press Save


The NFC sticker has now been successfully added to GoBright.

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