Installing the GoBright app

Before a device can be activated the GoBright app must be installed. Please follow the steps below to install the app on a WebOS screen:

In order for the app to run correctly on the device, the date & time of the device needs to be set correctly. Navigate to the date & time settings and make sure the correct time zone and locations are configured. The next few steps all require the TV remote as well:

  • Go to the settings using the Settings button
  • Select EZ configuration and press SI Server Settings twice

A new menu will open up where we'll have to configure the following settings:

  • Fully qualified domain name: on
  • Address / URL:
  • Mode: local
  • Application type: IPK
  • Local application-upgrade: "External" or "Remote"
  • Auto Set: "Off" (this setting is not always visible)

When these settings have been configured press the OK button twice. The application should be installing and when it's done it will display confirmed. Turn the TV off, and turn it back on again.

If everything has been done correctly the screen should launch the GoBright App and displays an activation code on the screen. This code needs to be entered within GoBright View in order to add this device within the software. Please continue reading this article to proceed.

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