Widgets & data sources

In order to present dynamic content, GoBright View can access data from any external source. The most common examples of these are recent news and weather. In order to show the information, we use a data source to get the information and a widget to visualize the information.

Data source

The first step is to retrieve the data from an external source, hence the name data source. This is executed using both Javascript and JQuery, two programming languages that are able to retrieve information from websites, databases, and other sources. A moderate understanding of these languages is required in order to build a data source.


This referred to the widgets that are used in combination with a data source, though they can be created without one. It consists of three elements, HTML, CSS & Javascript. HTML is always required, but both CSS and Javascript are optional. 

We don't encourage to create a custom widget and data source without a good understanding of the elements that are described above. If a custom widget is required that is not provided by default feel free to reach out to support@gobright.com to discuss the various options.

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