Organization Style

Most organizations use specific fonts and colors that match their identity.  GoBright View is able to use this style throughout most content while only configuring the style once. This is called the organization style and can be configured within Management > Styles


Each style holds multiple headings and a default font that is being used across all content. Starting with the default font, each font is configured separately. Let's add a new style by pressing the Add button in the top-right corner.


The style requires a Name and the Autofill at new slide option can be checked as well. When this has been checked, the style will automatically be used when a template or slide is created. Beneath these two options, each usable font is being displayed which all use the same settings that can be configured:


  • Font, the font that is used
  • Style, the font style that is used (Bold, italic, underlined or strikethrough)
  • Letter casing, whether to use uppercasing or lowercasing at the first word in each sentence
  • Color and Size, the color and size of the font
  • Spacing and Line height, how much the font is spaced between characters and between lines
  • Alignment, how the font is aligned (left, centered, right)
  • Shadow, whether the font uses a drop shadow

When all settings are configured the organization style can be saved and used throughout new and existing content.

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