Basic widget settings


To keep everything organized a widget name can be changed. Select the widget and then select the name to change it.


Every widget within a playlist has a fixed time in which the item will be shown on the screen. The default time when a widget is added is 5 seconds. This can be adjusted within the widget settings. To open these settings, select a widget and click on the time in seconds next to the name:


A new pop-up will open where the amount of time for the widget can be adjusted.

Note: the widget with the longest duration will determine the duration of the entire slide. Other widgets with a shorter duration will stay visible for the total amount of time.

In some cases, like videos, we want the duration to be the same length as the video. If that is the case we can change the duration to Controlled by widget. 


Other settings

There are a few other settings that can be changed per widget, such as scaling and animation. Scaling influences how the widget scales within its own boundaries. The animations decide how the widget enters or exits the template.

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