Mapviewer & Wayfinder

To further communicate which spaces can be used, it's possible to adjust the visual tools, mapviewer and wayfinder, accordingly. For example, we can remove non-used spaces temporarily from the mapviewer:

Original setup


COVID-19 setup


This ensures that we further communicate the temporary measures. In order to create this behavior, we have to effectively remove the unused desks and or rooms from the mapviewer.

Configuring the Mapviewer

There are a few steps we'll have to take to configure the mapviewer:

  • Log in to the GoBright portal and go to Settings > Maps
  • Select the room or desk that need to be temporarily removed
  • Press the Delete element button to remove it
  • Save the map after the elements have been removed


Note that to use the removed elements again they'll need to be added on the mapviewer

Configuring the Wayfinder

Capacity is already being displayed on the Wayfinder so it does not have to be configured manually. It is possible to change the icons to indicate there have been changes or it is temporarily closed. 


These settings can be changed within Settings > Wayfinders

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