Many governments are looking forward to how to get back to the office when COVID-19 comes to a minimum. They predict that social distancing will continue maybe for 1 or 2 years. So, we are heading for a so-called “1.5 meter society”. This will also affect working within office spaces, and we will have to prepare and adjust to that. GoBright provides a couple of solutions that will enable everyone to work in a safe space by using GoBright solutions.

Creating a safe work environment

There are multiple ways to create a safe work environment whether it's a room or several desks grouped together. The main action is to reduce the capacity in the spaces and take all regulations by the government into account. For example, the scenario below illustrates how reducing desk capacity by 50% creates a safe space:


While this may not reflect the exact scenario of each company it illustrates how to create a safe work environment by restricting access to half of the desks. This can be enforced by clearing the desk of much material as possible and use the GoBright solution to completely disable desk functionality.

Book a space from home

The GoBright solution offers employees to book spaces from their homes and view availability without having to physically check the desk. By configuring specific profiles we can change the behavior of a group of desks and turn them all on or off at the same time. That means that it is impossible to reserve those desks.

Booking spaces from home ensures that employees can reserve a safe space and can come to the office to work safely with other colleagues. These are all personal bookings, so it's impossible for two employees to reserve the space during the same period.

Visual Communication

To further communicate which spaces can be used, it's possible to adjust the visual tools, mapviewer and wayfinder, accordingly. For example, we can remove non-used spaces temporarily from the mapviewer:

Original setup


COVID-19 setup


This ensures that we further communicate the temporary measures.

Configuring Settings

In order to achieve this behavior, GoBright settings need to be adjusted. Please check the provided articles below how to configure different products:

GoBright Meet

GoBright Work


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