Visit onboarding guide

Finally, your Digital Reception has arrived, you've purchased GoBright Digital Reception licenses, and you want to know how to install Room booking. Thank you for your purchase, and you've come to the right place!

If you are starting without any prior knowledge of GoBright, please read the 'What is GoBright?' article.

To install GoBright Meet, the following steps are needed:

  1. The basic installation of GoBright
  2. People you need
  3. Creating the visitor display profile
  4. Creating the visitor configuration & type
  5. Create a visitor badge
  6. Configure display(s)
  7. Optional: Configure a badge printer

Let's get started!


The basic installation of GoBright

These steps will make sure everything is prepared before we continue with the installation of GoBright meet. The integration has been set up, users are imported and the general settings have been configured. If this is not the case, please review the 'Installation Guide'.

IT will need to configure the external system and provide you the access details. And IT will ask you which room calendars you want, so you need to provide that to them. We have guides for several external systems, please refer to the 'Configuring external systems for integration' section.

Enable the visitor kiosk for each location

To enable Visit the following option will need to be checked for each location that makes use of it: 'Visitor kiosk enabled'. It can be found within Settings > Locations and needs to be checked when editing a single location.

People you need

There are some people you might need to do some of the work for you, these are the roles you need:

GoBright administrator
Appoint someone, probably an office manager of someone from facilities to become the GoBright administrator. He or she will configure the system together with facility management and IT.
The configuration of the integration, and providing network connectivity for the room displays will require the IT department.
Besides the overall involvement you need the facilities to install the room displays.
Involve all the people in your organization once the system is set up! 

Creating the visitor display profile

Roles you need:

Main role: GoBright administrator
Supporting roles: IT, Facilities


Now that basic settings have been configured it's time to create the Visitor Display Profile(s). These hold all the information on how the display should behave when a visitor arrives. You can think of a profile as a blueprint that influences all settings for the displays that use it.

It is best to start configuring, and as you go some decisions have to be made:

  • Is everyone able to use digital reception?
  • Can a visitor make use of a QR code to identify himself/herself?
  • During which times is the digital reception available?

Collect them and discuss this with Facilities. Facilities will also need to help you to mount the visitor display(s) in the right places. IT will need to provide you with access to the integrated systems, you might want to sit down with them while configuring.

Create the visitor configuration & type

Roles you need:

Main role: GoBright administrator
Supporting roles: IT, Facilities


The configuration can be seen as a blueprint or profile, that is used by the display to show an overview of the most basic information. A few examples of what can be configured here are:

  • The language(s) that used by the display
  • Which location(s) are used (if the location does not appear here it's possible that it's not enabled within the locations' setting)
  • Customization of the welcome screen
  • Which fields are used for the visitor (e.g. name, email, phone number, etc.)

Next up, a visitor type needs to be configured. It's a way to categorize different groups of visitors or list different organizations within the building that all make use of GoBright Visit. There are no limitations when configuring these types so a couple of potential questions are: 

  • Do we need to split our visitors into groups or do we need a single type?
  • Are there multiple organizations that make use of the digital reception?
  • Do we wish to sign out visitors automatically after a certain time?

Create a visitor badge

Roles you need:

Main role: GoBright administrator
Supporting roles: Facilities


When badge printing is enabled now would be a perfect time to create a visitor badge. If badge printing is not used proceed to the following step. 

Configure display(s)

Roles you need:

Main role: GoBright administrator
Supporting roles: Facilities


The final step is to configure the actual displays. Within the installation guide, the GoBright App was installed on the device and an activation code should be displayed. It's time to enter the code and add the created profiles to the device.

  1. Log in to the GoBright portal with your manager account, and choose Settings > Devices
  2. Add a new device with the '+' button, or select an existing one to edit.
  3. Choose the created 'visitor display profile'
  4. Choose the location
  5. Choose the created 'visitor configuration' that needs to be displayed on the device
  6. Choose whether a badge printer is used
  7. Then choose 'Activate via': 'Activation code', and enter the activation code
  8. Press 'save' and if entered correctly, the device will activate itself in a minute

Now your GoBright system is configured for GoBright Visit, inform your organization how they can use it! 

Optional: Configure a badge printer

If you have a badge printer you'll be able to configure it within GoBright Visit. To set up the printer, and possibly the intermediate Windows Service, please read the following articles:

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