Installation Guide

You've just purchased GoBright and are ready to begin. This installation guide will take you to the general steps to set up GoBright. First, let's look at which steps we'll go through during the installation.


To make things clear we'll explain every single step and the action(s) that need to be performed.

Credentials and hardware


With your purchase, you've received an email from your dealer with instructions that have led you to our support center and credentials that are necessary to login. While the hardware is being prepared we will configure the most basic settings within the GoBright portal. This is the heart of the product where most of the configuration will take place.

General Setup


For the general setup, you'll need to login to the portal with the credentials provided in the previous step. Log in to the portal ( and follow the steps below: 

  1. Configure the general settings
  2. Setup existing integrations
  3. Add your location(s)
  4. Configure users and roles

Hardware Installation


Now that the basic configuration has been completed the hardware can be installed. Your dealer should be able to place the devices on the optimal locations, but there are few guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Most devices prefer to be connected with an ethernet connection
  • The Gateway has some best practices that are described in this article
  • Sensors and receivers have specific instructions that are described here

Hardware Setup


The display needs to receive communication from the GoBright portal which is done using the GoBright App. Follow the steps here to install the GoBright App

When the app is installed an Activation code is displayed on the screen. This code will need to be entered within the GoBright portal later when adding the device, but before that, there are specifics steps for each product that needs to be followed in the specific onboarding guides.

Note that the steps written above are only applicable for android devices where the GoBright App can be installed. Other devices (such as the Gateway) have their own setup and are outlined in the different onboarding guides below.

GoBright Configuration


Now that the displays have been activated and the basic settings have been configured its time to set up the different products. As each setup varies we've created different guides that we'll take you through each installation step by step. 

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