Change log & updates

Below you find release notes / list of feature & technical updates to the GoBright platform.

Release notes March 2019:

  • Platform/App: Bookings
    • Improved notifications of ending bookings with smart notifications 5 minutes before the bookings ends, also after extending the booking.
  • Platform/Integration: AzureAD support

Release notes February 2019:

  • Platform/Portal: Catering & services
    • Added cost center and pricing options, to be able to link pricing and cost centers to requested services.
      You can enable these options in Settings > General Settings.
      After that you will be able to add pricing to service catalog items, define cost centers, and let the users request services at a certain cost center.
  • Portal: Bookings
    • The proces of editing bookings is changed, you now directly go into the booking edit, instead of showing some details of the booking first. This makes the booking-edit-proces one step easier and more intuitive.

Release notes January 2019:

  • Platform/Portal/App: Single Sign-on / SAML2 support
    • Introducing a new logon process in the Portal and App which supports single sign-on via SAML2. This supports single sign-on via Azure Active Directory & AD FS (Active Directory Federation Services).
  • BrightBooking Device app v4.7:
    • Digital reception kiosk: several minor improvements 

Release notes December 2018:

  • Platform/Portal: Catering & services
    • Introducing handling external changes, for example when a meeting changes in Outlook, the requested services will follow and the service provider will be notified
    • Handling of 'completed' service orders is improved, now the requester (depends on configuration) will get notified that the service order is already completed and cannot be changed
    • Handling of the pending requests and historical / unlinked bookings, they will show up in the pending requests so they will not be forgotten by the service provider
  • Platform/Portal: Bookings
    • Now showing recurrence icons in the portal when a recurring meeting is made in Outlook or G Suite
  • Platform/Portal: Digital reception
    • Added generic notification options, to always send a notification to a specific e-mailaddress/mobile phone (SMS) when a visitor registers
    • French translations added for the visitor registration kiosk
  • BrightBooking Device app v4.6:
    • Support for the new ProDVX APPC SLB room display 

Release notes November 2018:

  • Platform/Portal: Digital reception - badge pre-printing support
    • When pre-registering a visitor a badge can now be printed. This works via the display, so no additional infrastructure needed!
    • Because of the pre-registering, an option has been added within the 'visitor registration kiosk'-profile to:
      • Hide the 'been here before' button on the main display
      • On 'sign-in' ask to choose 'sign in with badge'/'sign in without badge'
  • BrightBooking Device app v4.5:
    • Digital reception: Support pre-printing of passes
    • Digital reception: Support extra sign-in step to choose 'sign in with badge'/'sign in without badge'
    • Improved night-mode & memory usage for the Philips 10BDL3051T displays

Release notes September 2018:

  • Platform/Portal: NFC support
    • The room display and mapviewer now support NFC login
    • The display must be equipped with a NFC reader, now tested with ProDVX NFC reader, supported on the APPC 10DSK up to APPC 32DSK models.
    • How to enable NFC support:
      • Fit the ProDVX NFC reader to the display
      • Enable the NFC in the 'general settings'
      • Configure the unique id of the NFC card in the 'NFC Identification' field in the users details (in HEX format: XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX)
      • Enable NFC login at the room display profile and/or mapviewer profile
  • Platform/Portal: User roles
    • It is now possible to define access to the different modules via 'user roles'
    • This way you can let a user access bookings, but not visitor management, etc.
    • A user can be linked to one role
  • BrightBooking Device app v4.1:
    • Support for ProDVX NFC reader

Release notes August 2018:

  • Platform/Portal - Catering & services module introduction
    • Definition of the service catalog
    • Booking of services
    • Inform at your reseller for the possibilities of this new module
  • Platform/Portal: Room display 'Fancy layout' introduction (BETA)
    • New 'fancy layout' of the room display
    • Can be configured via the 'room display' profile
    • Can be configured with a custom background, like a company logo
    • Currently in BETA, so expect changes in the layout in the upcoming months
  • Platform/Portal: Bookings
    • Timeline now also available in the creation of bookings
    • Added options to change bookings and make muli-room bookings for Non-integated/Exchange/Office365/GSuite integrations
  • BrightBooking Device app v3.9:
    • Visitor registration: Brother QL-820NWB badge printing support
    • Extended support for the fancy layout
    • Changes for turning LED bars on/off for the ProDVX 10DSKPL series

Release notes July 2018:

  • Platform/Portal - Digital reception module:
    • Signing out by name now possible
    • Changes to displaying custom logo's
    • Turning on/off the main buttons, for example: you can specify a display to be a sign-out only display
  • Platform/Portal - Room display / Map viewer:
    • Possibility of 'anonymous only', so turning off the pincode at the room display/map viewer
  • Platform/Portal - Integration:
    • Improvements for the Facilitor FMIS integration for loading the list of available rooms
  • BrightBooking Device app v3.7 and v3.8:
    • Support for new visitor registration options

Release notes June 2018:

  • BrightBooking Device app v3.6:
    • Changes in startup for the Philips 10BDL3051T display

Release notes May 2018:

  • Platform/Portal - Digital reception module introduction:
    • Visitor registration configuration
    • Visitor lists & visitor management options
    • Inform at your reseller for the possibilities of this new module
  • Platform/Portal - Integration:
    • Google GSuite support
  • BrightBooking Device app v3.5:
    • Visitor registration kiosk mode for the Digital reception module


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