Change log & updates

Below you find release notes / list of feature & technical updates to the GoBright platform.

Release notes June 2019:

  • GoBright Device app v5.5:
    • Support for the ProDVX 32EL
    • Now able to recover from long lasting loss of network connection for ProDVX devices, the network adapters will be turned off and on again automatically when long lasting loss of network connectivity.
    • Digital reception kiosk: can now handle label printing with setting with a comma number.
    • Digital reception kiosk: better resizing of custom logos and the signout/confirmation pages.
    • Digital reception kiosk: will now show a 'settings' button when loading the kiosk.

Release notes May 2019:

  • Room Displays - Fancy layout:
    • We have removed the 'beta' label, so the Fancy layout is now finalized!

  • Platform/Integration: User synchronization added features
    • The Powershell based user synchronization now has the ability to:
      • Synchronize NFC Identifiers from the ActiveDirectory/AzureAD via the 'ADUserNFCIdPropertyName' parameter
      • You can assign new users directly to a specific role via the 'UserRoleNameForNewUsers' parameter. Just provide the name of the role (as created in the platform) for new users.
      • You now can assign a role to a user in the platform, based on a group membership in the ActiveDirectory. This can be done via the 'GroupUserRoleMapping' parameter. Currently only available for the ActiveDirectory integration.
      • When you filter on e.g. a group, you can now activate that the 'orphaned' users in the platform will be deactivated automatically. This can be done by using the 'DeactivateExistingUsersInSameIntegrationThatAreNotLoaded' switch.

  • Wayfinder - themes:
    • Introducing the white theme for the wayfinder.
      The wayfinder can now also be shown in a white theme. The trusted black theme is obviously also still available.
      You can choose the black or white theme in the wayfinder profile (menu: settings > profiles).

  • Room Displays - Fancy layout:
    • The Fancy display layout has got a major upgrade in layout and ease of use.
      In the past months where we had the Fancy display layout out there in beta, we've received a lot of feedback. With this update we've processed the feedback, and made the Fancy layout even more Fancy!

      We've upgraded the look-and-feel in general, made actions like book now/extend/stop more obvious, and did an overhaul of the timeline on the right of the display.

      Thank you for the feedback this far, and we expect to reach the point that we can  remove the 'beta' label in the coming weeks.

  • Room Displays - Circle layout introduction
    • Introducing the third layout option for room displays, called Circle. 
      Curious? Just try it by modifying your room display profile, and you will see why it's called this way.

  • Platform/Outlook: Outlook plugin beta - updates:
    • Best matching room now is shown on top of the search results.
    • When inviting more people than the selected room's capacity, this will be shown in the selected room as a subtle warning.
    • We're now showing a confirmation dialog when your searching a room, and choosing a timebox which would change the date/time of the appointment.
    • In some cases the automatic counting of people did also include the room(s), this is fixed.
    • Up/down buttons in amount inputs did not work in Outlook for Windows, this is fixed.
    • SAML Single Sign-on did not work in some cases, fixes have been applied.
    • Improved visualization in Outlook for Windows when using zooming in display settings, which is specifically used on Windows tablet-like devices.

  • Added the English (GB) as a language choice, this changes the date format to dd/mm/yyyy, and the hour format to the 24 hour format.

Release notes April 2019:

  • Platform/Outlook: Outlook plugin private beta
  • Platform: Booking permissions on locations/rooms/desks
    • The user roles are now extended with extended booking permissions. A whole set of options to include or exclude rooms/desks or even whole floors and buildings for specific users.
  • Platform/Portal: Catering & services handling
    • The user roles now also contain options to better restrict handling of service requests/service orders.
      Now you are able to give certain users only the ability to handle service orders once they are accepted. This means you can limit the acceptance process to specific people, and the handling/delivery to others.

Release notes March 2019:

  • Platform/App: Bookings
    • Improved notifications of ending bookings with smart notifications 5 minutes before the bookings ends, also after extending the booking.
  • Platform/Integration: AzureAD support

Release notes February 2019:

  • Platform/Portal: Catering & services
    • Added cost center and pricing options, to be able to link pricing and cost centers to requested services.
      You can enable these options in Settings > General Settings.
      After that you will be able to add pricing to service catalog items, define cost centers, and let the users request services at a certain cost center.
  • Portal: Bookings
    • The proces of editing bookings is changed, you now directly go into the booking edit, instead of showing some details of the booking first. This makes the booking-edit-proces one step easier and more intuitive.

Release notes January 2019:

  • Platform/Portal/App: Single Sign-on / SAML2 support
    • Introducing a new logon process in the Portal and App which supports single sign-on via SAML2. This supports single sign-on via Azure Active Directory & AD FS (Active Directory Federation Services).
  • BrightBooking Device app v4.7:
    • Digital reception kiosk: several minor improvements 

Release notes December 2018:

  • Platform/Portal: Catering & services
    • Introducing handling external changes, for example when a meeting changes in Outlook, the requested services will follow and the service provider will be notified
    • Handling of 'completed' service orders is improved, now the requester (depends on configuration) will get notified that the service order is already completed and cannot be changed
    • Handling of the pending requests and historical / unlinked bookings, they will show up in the pending requests so they will not be forgotten by the service provider
  • Platform/Portal: Bookings
    • Now showing recurrence icons in the portal when a recurring meeting is made in Outlook or G Suite
  • Platform/Portal: Digital reception
    • Added generic notification options, to always send a notification to a specific e-mailaddress/mobile phone (SMS) when a visitor registers
    • French translations added for the visitor registration kiosk
  • BrightBooking Device app v4.6:
    • Support for the new ProDVX APPC SLB room display 

Release notes November 2018:

  • Platform/Portal: Digital reception - badge pre-printing support
    • When pre-registering a visitor a badge can now be printed. This works via the display, so no additional infrastructure needed!
    • Because of the pre-registering, an option has been added within the 'visitor registration kiosk'-profile to:
      • Hide the 'been here before' button on the main display
      • On 'sign-in' ask to choose 'sign in with badge'/'sign in without badge'
  • BrightBooking Device app v4.5:
    • Digital reception: Support pre-printing of passes
    • Digital reception: Support extra sign-in step to choose 'sign in with badge'/'sign in without badge'
    • Improved night-mode & memory usage for the Philips 10BDL3051T displays

Release notes September 2018:

  • Platform/Portal: NFC support
    • The room display and mapviewer now support NFC login
    • The display must be equipped with a NFC reader, now tested with ProDVX NFC reader, supported on the APPC 10DSK up to APPC 32DSK models.
    • How to enable NFC support:
      • Fit the ProDVX NFC reader to the display
      • Enable the NFC in the 'general settings'
      • Configure the unique id of the NFC card in the 'NFC Identification' field in the users details (in HEX format: XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX)
      • Enable NFC login at the room display profile and/or mapviewer profile
  • Platform/Portal: User roles
    • It is now possible to define access to the different modules via 'user roles'
    • This way you can let a user access bookings, but not visitor management, etc.
    • A user can be linked to one role
  • BrightBooking Device app v4.1:
    • Support for ProDVX NFC reader

Release notes August 2018:

  • Platform/Portal - Catering & services module introduction
    • Definition of the service catalog
    • Booking of services
    • Inform at your reseller for the possibilities of this new module
  • Platform/Portal: Room display 'Fancy layout' introduction (BETA)
    • New 'fancy layout' of the room display
    • Can be configured via the 'room display' profile
    • Can be configured with a custom background, like a company logo
    • Currently in BETA, so expect changes in the layout in the upcoming months
  • Platform/Portal: Bookings
    • Timeline now also available in the creation of bookings
    • Added options to change bookings and make muli-room bookings for Non-integated/Exchange/Office365/GSuite integrations
  • BrightBooking Device app v3.9:
    • Visitor registration: Brother QL-820NWB badge printing support
    • Extended support for the fancy layout
    • Changes for turning LED bars on/off for the ProDVX 10DSKPL series

Release notes July 2018:

  • Platform/Portal - Digital reception module:
    • Signing out by name now possible
    • Changes to displaying custom logo's
    • Turning on/off the main buttons, for example: you can specify a display to be a sign-out only display
  • Platform/Portal - Room display / Map viewer:
    • Possibility of 'anonymous only', so turning off the pincode at the room display/map viewer
  • Platform/Portal - Integration:
    • Improvements for the Facilitor FMIS integration for loading the list of available rooms
  • BrightBooking Device app v3.7 and v3.8:
    • Support for new visitor registration options

Release notes June 2018:

  • BrightBooking Device app v3.6:
    • Changes in startup for the Philips 10BDL3051T display

Release notes May 2018:

  • Platform/Portal - Digital reception module introduction:
    • Visitor registration configuration
    • Visitor lists & visitor management options
    • Inform at your reseller for the possibilities of this new module
  • Platform/Portal - Integration:
    • Google GSuite support
  • BrightBooking Device app v3.5:
    • Visitor registration kiosk mode for the Digital reception module


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