Change log & updates

Below you find release notes / list of feature & technical updates to the GoBright platform.

Release notes October 2020:

Release October, 20th:

  • Microsoft Modern Authentication support (beta)
    The portal and app now have beta support for Microsoft Modern Authentication, which can benefit your users for easy login, with AzureAD at the basis of this.
    If you are interested in getting beta access, please let us know via .

  • Outlook plugin v1.5 for Outlook for Windows:
    Maintenance release for the Outlook for Windows plugin, improving performance of the plugin especially after the first startup.
    The installer can be downloaded via this link

Release notes September 2020:

Release September, 30th:

  • NFC sticker support for desk (GoBright Work)
    Today the NFC sticker support is added to the platform, with support in the smartphone app for interacting with the desks via scanning a NFC sticker on the desk.
    Users can use the GoBright smartphone app to scan the NFC sticker on the desk, and in that way check-in, book, extend or stop. This gives a easy to install, entry level solution for having no-show detection, and easy ad-hoc booking of desks.
    Review the sensor introduction page and configure NFC stickers page for further information!

Release September, 5th:

  • Hygienic Mode now general available (GoBright Work)
    Desks can now be configured to use hygienic mode, giving clear visibility which desks should be cleaned before using again.

    Hygienic mode will mark a desk as 'needs cleaning' (purple color) when a booking is stopped or a check-in (non-bookable) is stopped.
    It is also possible to activate sensor based hygienic mode, which means that after a person is detected at the desk, and stays there for the configured duration, the desk will be marked as 'needs cleaning' when the person leaves. So in normal conditions the desk would then turn to green again, but when in sensor based hygienic mode the desk will turn in to purple (needs cleaning).

    Once the desk is in the purple 'needs cleaning' state, a user with permissions should clean the desk and mark it 'clean'. The marking clean can be done on the Connect, or via the 'Scan NFC' option in the smartphone app. The Connect will stay purple, even overriding night mode, to also support cleaning staff working outside office hours.

    For users who booked a desk, the smartphone app will show an indication for bookings that are on the current day and are booked on a desk that currently needs cleaning. This way they do not need to walk up to the desk which needs cleaning.

    Via the user roles it is possible to configure who is allowed to mark the desk clean. It is there possible to allow a person to mark any desk clean. To support scenarios where people return to there own desk, it is also possible to configure that a user can clean the desk he/she used lastly.

    The hygienic mode can be activated in the desk profile with the 'hygienic mode' settings.
    For using hygienic mode with the Connect, the gateway must be updated to version 5.1.
    The smartphone app will be updated via the app stores, the new version are expected to be available in the app stores at 10th of September.

  • Closing desks (GoBright Work)
    Individual desks can now be marked 'closed' indicating that they are out of use. Marking closed will exclude them from search results, and show them grey in the mapping.

  • Mapviewer dynamic legend (GoBright Meet & Work)
    The legend on the mapping is now only showing the statuses that are shown on the map. If a status is not shown on the map at a given moment, that status will also not be visible in the legend. This way the legend is cleaner, and easier to read.

Release notes August 2020:

Release August, 20th:

  • View:
    • Added roles & permissions, with granular permission configuration. 
      Please check out the 'Roles' option in the 'Management' tab.
    • WebOS client v3.3.1:
      • Improvements in nightmode support (turning screen on/off)
      • Several improvements in downloading content

  • Meet-Work-Visit smartphone app v3.7.9:
    • Improved location selection, e.g. when search rooms or desks
    • New version is available via the Apple App Store / Google Play Store

Release August, 15th:

  • SAML Single sign-on:
    • The SAML single sign-on now also support optional claims for the pincode and NFC identifiers.
      The NFC identifier will also be formatted in the correct way, if not already done.
      Please review the SAML guide for reference on these claims.

Release August, 10th:

  • Meet-Work-Visit Device app v8.4:
    • Last updates for Android 8 support for ProDVX APPC DSK/SLB/X-Series
    • Updates for LED commands for latest firmware versions ProDVX SLB/X-Series
    • Please note: the ProDVX RFID/NFC reader does not yet work on Android 8, due to hardware compatibility issues, we are working with ProDVX on testing their new hardware NFC modules.

Release notes July 2020:

Release July, 28th:

  • Outlook plugin v1.4 for Outlook for Windows:
    Update for the Outlook for Windows plugin, which fixes issues when opening the plugin in specific types of recurring meetings.
    The installer can be downloaded via this link

Release notes June 2020:

Release June, 16th:

  • BrightBookingUserAdminTools v6.0.0:
    The ActiveDirectory/AzureAD user synchronization PowerShell module now works asynchronously with the platform, better suited for longer running processes.
    The older versions of the module (e.g. v5.x) will still work, but will not wait for the synchronization to finish, and therefore will not show the result details anymore.
    A simple upgrade of the module will be sufficient to get the details again.
    There is no change to the exposed commands, so the usage of the module is still exactly the same.

Release June, 5th:

  • Gateway v5.0:
    • Improved wireless throughput to Connect devices
    • Operating system updates
    • Please note: Because of the operating system updates, you cannot downgrade to a pre-v5.0 version after installing v5.0

Release notes March 2020:

  • Portal:
    • Improved performance for the timeline view & introduction of the 'show more...' button when showing many rooms
  • Outlook plugin v1.3:
    • New version v1.3 of the Outlook plugin, using a new rendering engine, for better compatibility across different versions of Windows

Release notes December 2019:

Release December, 24th:

  • Added search function in management overviews of rooms/desks/devices
  • New installation webpage design via the
  • Device app v7.3:
    • Visitor pre-registration improvements: the 'I have a QR code' button now also can handle pre-registration QR codes.
    • Beta support for Android 8 for ProDVX APPC DSK/SLB currently in beta release, we are working with ProDVX on the latest modifications. We are happy to receive your feedback!
      Please know that the ProDVX RFID/NFC reader does not work yet on Android 8.
    • Support for the Philips new 10" 10BDL4151T and 24" 24BDL4151T

Release notes November 2019:

Release November, 20th:

  • Pre-registrations improvement when moving bookings
    When moving a non-recurring booking with pre-registrations for that same day, the platform is now capable of moving the pre-registrations automatically with the booking.
    If the platform is not capable of moving the pre-registrations automatically (e.g. because the booking is a recurring booking), the platform will still send an e-mail to the organizer of the booking, informing about the pre-registration that should be reviewed.

Release November, 18th:

  • Non-bookable auto-checkout for the Connect
    In the non-bookable scenario on the GoBright Connect, auto-checkout is now supported.
    This means that when someone checks in, and for some reason does not checks out (manually or by sensor) it will be checked out automatically after the configured auto-checkout period.
    This can be configured in the general settings, and defaults to 16 hours after check in.
  • Device app v7.2:
    The GoBright Device app v7.2 is now available.

    The app includes a new design of the activation flow, and includes a new rendering engine for showing the room display, mapviewer and wayfinder. 
    This technical update is important to be ready for future changes.

  • Gateway v3.4:
    The GoBright Gateway v3.4 software now includes support for the USB Mini RF Antenna, and can receive and process the signals of the RF sensors.
    The process is shown in the admin panel, where you can monitor the received signals.

Release notes September 2019:

Release September, 16th:

  • Visitor pre-registration improvements:
    We have improved the way you pre-register the visitors, it is now easier to select the data, and it is possible to copy the information from the attendees when you are in the Outlook plugin.

  • Room display can now show detected occupancy:
    When you have occupancy sensors in your bookable rooms, you can now choose to let the room display light up orange (meaning: almost occupied) when occupancy is detected.
    You can enable this behaviour in the room profile, option 'Show as almost occupied when occupation is detected', which is available when the room is bookable.

  • Analytics:
    The legend of the chart is now showing better wordings.

Release notes August 2019:

Release August, 17th:

  • Analytics:
    The new release of the analytics utilizes an easier, and more understandable way of presenting occupancy data.
    • No-show occupancy: The no-show percentages are now shown as a separate bar in the graph and contain the percentage based on the original time of the booking, instead of only the time that the room was kept occupied before being released. This is recalculated from January 1st of 2019. 
      This gives better insight, and a more direct link to the list of no-shows.
    • Data filtering: Depending on the licensing and setup, the analytics module could generate multiple graphs to make sure data was comparable. Now we have included a filter 'select spaces with', which is used to filter out spaces that not have certain metrics, for example because they do not have occupancy sensors.
    • Check-ins: We are also introducing a new metric 'Check-ins at Connect'. This metric calculates the occupancy based on non-bookable spaces, fitted with a GoBright Connect, showing how long people were checked in.
    • There is even more! Please read the new 'Analytics explained' article, giving more insights on how the analytics work for you.

  • Deleting spaces & users:
    It is now again possible to delete old spaces and users from the platform, removing all the related data with it, so you can keep it clean!

  • Settings: Profile linking:
    The settings utilize profiles in several parts, which makes it possible to easily share 'settings profiles'. Now we have include a 'link' button next to the profile selection, so you can jump right in to the selected profile.

  • GoBright Gateway v2.8:
    The new Multi Gateway firmware v2.8 introduces the newly designed admin panel, that is available on the gateway device, by browsing to http://[device ip]:8080 .

  • BrightBookingUserAdminTools v5.1.0:
    The ActiveDirectory/AzureAD user synchronization PowerShell module has reached version 5.1.0, now including dynamic role assignment based on the ActiveDirectory group membership (ActiveDirectory only for now). This feature can be utilized via the 'GroupUserRoleMapping' parameter. Got excited? More details available in this article.

Release notes July 2019:

Release July, 30th:

  • Portal / Visit: Sorting of the visitor list was changed because of preregistration, this is now changed to:
    • By default showing only the current day
    • Sorting on sign-in moment (newest first)

Release July, 29th:

  • Visit: Terms & conditions acceptance for self registering visitors
    You can now define terms and conditions to be accepted as a part of the sign-in process.
    This is configurable per visitor type.
    You can also choose to not ask acceptance every time for recurring visitors. A recurring visitors is recognized by the qr-code on the printed badge. When the recurring visitor signs in with the badge, it will not ask to accept the terms again, until the time limit is reached, or the version of the terms is different.

  • Visit / Kiosk:
    • Added German translation for the kiosk
    • After choosing 'sign-in' on the kiosk you can now as for if the users has an qr-code or not. This way you can configure the kiosk to just have sign-in/sign-out buttons on the homescreen, while still supporting pre-registrations and recurring visitors.

  • GoBright Device app v6.2:
    • Visit: Support for terms & conditions acceptance
    • Visit: Support for step after 'sign-in', asking if the visitor has a qr-code or not
  • Room display / issue/failure reporting:
    • Issue/failure reporting on the room display will now also ask for the name of the person who is reporting, to enable the backoffice to handle the issues properly.
    • Issue/failure reporting on the room display can now be configured to send e-mails to different email addresses depending on the option.
      The fallback will always be setting in the room profile, and issues reported as 'other' will also sent to the email address as configured in the room profile.

  • Outlook plugin: In the plugin for Outlook for Web, the appointment has to be saved before interaction with the plugin is possible. The popup that warns you about this, can now be suppressed by choosing 'Don't ask again'. This suppresses the warning for 30 days.

  • Portal / Settings: The timezone is now configurable via the location, so it does not have to be configured on other parts anymore. E.g. the timezone of the room is now defined by the location.
    Your configuration has automatically been changed to this new way of configuring timezones.

  • Mapping: a 'dot' icon is added, which can be useful for scenario's with more detail in the background-layer.

  • Fixed issues:
    • Room display black: the delete icon in the planning overview was not always showing.
    • Outlook plugin: option filtering was not always remembered when searching for a second time.


Release July, 14th:

  • Visit: Pre-registration for visitors:
    The visit module now also has the capability to pre-register visitors.
    When pre-registering the visitor will receive an e-mail a set time period before the meeting starts, with configurable instructions, and a QR-code for fast check-in.
    When arriving at the digital reception kiosk the visitor can scan the QR-code, and he or she will be automatically signed in.

    The pre-registration functionality is available in the portal or (combined with room booking) in the Outlook plugin.

  • GoBright Device app v6.1:
    • Support for pre-registration handling in the kiosk
    • Support for the Brother DK-22251 & DK-44205 labels for badge printing

  • Portal / Services:
    • When handling the service orders, it is now possible to change the amount, in cases of costing after delivery
    • A service request could be accepted twice, which is not meant to be, now included checks for this situation.

  • Portal / Visit:
    • Excel export of visitors now includes the remarks.

  • Portal / Analytics:
    • The graph is improved to have better support for timezones

Release notes June 2019:

  • GoBright Device app v5.5:
    • Support for the ProDVX 32EL
    • Now able to recover from long lasting loss of network connection for ProDVX devices, the network adapters will be turned off and on again automatically when long lasting loss of network connectivity.
    • Digital reception kiosk: can now handle label printing with setting with a comma number.
    • Digital reception kiosk: better resizing of custom logos and the signout/confirmation pages.
    • Digital reception kiosk: will now show a 'settings' button when loading the kiosk.

Release notes May 2019:

  • Room Displays - Fancy layout:
    • We have removed the 'beta' label, so the Fancy layout is now finalized!
  • Platform/Integration: User synchronization added features
    • The Powershell based user synchronization now has the ability to:
      • Synchronize NFC Identifiers from the ActiveDirectory/AzureAD via the 'ADUserNFCIdPropertyName' parameter
      • You can assign new users directly to a specific role via the 'UserRoleNameForNewUsers' parameter. Just provide the name of the role (as created in the platform) for new users.
      • You now can assign a role to a user in the platform, based on a group membership in the ActiveDirectory. This can be done via the 'GroupUserRoleMapping' parameter. Currently only available for the ActiveDirectory integration.
      • When you filter on e.g. a group, you can now activate that the 'orphaned' users in the platform will be deactivated automatically. This can be done by using the 'DeactivateExistingUsersInSameIntegrationThatAreNotLoaded' switch.
  • Wayfinder - themes:
    • Introducing the white theme for the wayfinder.
      The wayfinder can now also be shown in a white theme. The trusted black theme is obviously also still available.
      You can choose the black or white theme in the wayfinder profile (menu: settings > profiles).
  • Room Displays - Fancy layout:
    • The Fancy display layout has got a major upgrade in layout and ease of use.
      In the past months where we had the Fancy display layout out there in beta, we've received a lot of feedback. With this update we've processed the feedback, and made the Fancy layout even more Fancy!

      We've upgraded the look-and-feel in general, made actions like book now/extend/stop more obvious, and did an overhaul of the timeline on the right of the display.

      Thank you for the feedback this far, and we expect to reach the point that we can  remove the 'beta' label in the coming weeks.
  • Room Displays - Circle layout introduction
    • Introducing the third layout option for room displays, called Circle.
      Curious? Just try it by modifying your room display profile, and you will see why it's called this way.
  • Platform/Outlook: Outlook plugin beta - updates:
    • Best matching room now is shown on top of the search results.
    • When inviting more people than the selected room's capacity, this will be shown in the selected room as a subtle warning.
    • We're now showing a confirmation dialog when your searching a room, and choosing a timebox which would change the date/time of the appointment.
    • In some cases the automatic counting of people did also include the room(s), this is fixed.
    • Up/down buttons in amount inputs did not work in Outlook for Windows, this is fixed.
    • SAML Single Sign-on did not work in some cases, fixes have been applied.
    • Improved visualization in Outlook for Windows when using zooming in display settings, which is specifically used on Windows tablet-like devices.
  • Added the English (GB) as a language choice, this changes the date format to dd/mm/yyyy, and the hour format to the 24 hour format.

Release notes April 2019:

  • Platform/Outlook: Outlook plugin private beta
  • Platform: Booking permissions on locations/rooms/desks
    • The user roles are now extended with extended booking permissions. A whole set of options to include or exclude rooms/desks or even whole floors and buildings for specific users.
  • Platform/Portal: Catering & services handling
    • The user roles now also contain options to better restrict handling of service requests/service orders.
      Now you are able to give certain users only the ability to handle service orders once they are accepted. This means you can limit the acceptance process to specific people, and the handling/delivery to others.

Release notes March 2019:

  • Platform/App: Bookings
    • Improved notifications of ending bookings with smart notifications 5 minutes before the bookings ends, also after extending the booking.
  • Platform/Integration: AzureAD support

Release notes February 2019:

  • Platform/Portal: Catering & services
    • Added cost center and pricing options, to be able to link pricing and cost centers to requested services.
      You can enable these options in Settings > General Settings.
      After that you will be able to add pricing to service catalog items, define cost centers, and let the users request services at a certain cost center.
  • Portal: Bookings
    • The proces of editing bookings is changed, you now directly go into the booking edit, instead of showing some details of the booking first. This makes the booking-edit-proces one step easier and more intuitive.

Release notes January 2019:

  • Platform/Portal/App: Single Sign-on / SAML2 support
    • Introducing a new logon process in the Portal and App which supports single sign-on via SAML2. This supports single sign-on via Azure Active Directory & AD FS (Active Directory Federation Services).
  • BrightBooking Device app v4.7:
    • Digital reception kiosk: several minor improvements 

Release notes December 2018:

  • Platform/Portal: Catering & services
    • Introducing handling external changes, for example when a meeting changes in Outlook, the requested services will follow and the service provider will be notified
    • Handling of 'completed' service orders is improved, now the requester (depends on configuration) will get notified that the service order is already completed and cannot be changed
    • Handling of the pending requests and historical / unlinked bookings, they will show up in the pending requests so they will not be forgotten by the service provider
  • Platform/Portal: Bookings
    • Now showing recurrence icons in the portal when a recurring meeting is made in Outlook or G Suite
  • Platform/Portal: Digital reception
    • Added generic notification options, to always send a notification to a specific e-mailaddress/mobile phone (SMS) when a visitor registers
    • French translations added for the visitor registration kiosk
  • BrightBooking Device app v4.6:
    • Support for the new ProDVX APPC SLB room display 

Release notes November 2018:

  • Platform/Portal: Digital reception - badge pre-printing support
    • When pre-registering a visitor a badge can now be printed. This works via the display, so no additional infrastructure needed!
    • Because of the pre-registering, an option has been added within the 'visitor registration kiosk'-profile to:
      • Hide the 'been here before' button on the main display
      • On 'sign-in' ask to choose 'sign in with badge'/'sign in without badge'
  • BrightBooking Device app v4.5:
    • Digital reception: Support pre-printing of passes
    • Digital reception: Support extra sign-in step to choose 'sign in with badge'/'sign in without badge'
    • Improved night-mode & memory usage for the Philips 10BDL3051T displays

Release notes September 2018:

  • Platform/Portal: NFC support
    • The room display and mapviewer now support NFC login
    • The display must be equipped with a NFC reader, now tested with ProDVX NFC reader, supported on the APPC 10DSK up to APPC 32DSK models.
    • How to enable NFC support:
      • Fit the ProDVX NFC reader to the display
      • Enable the NFC in the 'general settings'
      • Configure the unique id of the NFC card in the 'NFC Identification' field in the users details (in HEX format: XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX)
      • Enable NFC login at the room display profile and/or mapviewer profile
  • Platform/Portal: User roles
    • It is now possible to define access to the different modules via 'user roles'
    • This way you can let a user access bookings, but not visitor management, etc.
    • A user can be linked to one role
  • BrightBooking Device app v4.1:
    • Support for ProDVX NFC reader

Release notes August 2018:

  • Platform/Portal - Catering & services module introduction
    • Definition of the service catalog
    • Booking of services
    • Inform at your reseller for the possibilities of this new module
  • Platform/Portal: Room display 'Fancy layout' introduction (BETA)
    • New 'fancy layout' of the room display
    • Can be configured via the 'room display' profile
    • Can be configured with a custom background, like a company logo
    • Currently in BETA, so expect changes in the layout in the upcoming months
  • Platform/Portal: Bookings
    • Timeline now also available in the creation of bookings
    • Added options to change bookings and make muli-room bookings for Non-integated/Exchange/Office365/GSuite integrations
  • BrightBooking Device app v3.9:
    • Visitor registration: Brother QL-820NWB badge printing support
    • Extended support for the fancy layout
    • Changes for turning LED bars on/off for the ProDVX 10DSKPL series

Release notes July 2018:

  • Platform/Portal - Digital reception module:
    • Signing out by name now possible
    • Changes to displaying custom logo's
    • Turning on/off the main buttons, for example: you can specify a display to be a sign-out only display
  • Platform/Portal - Room display / Map viewer:
    • Possibility of 'anonymous only', so turning off the pincode at the room display/map viewer
  • Platform/Portal - Integration:
    • Improvements for the Facilitor FMIS integration for loading the list of available rooms
  • BrightBooking Device app v3.7 and v3.8:
    • Support for new visitor registration options

Release notes June 2018:

  • BrightBooking Device app v3.6:
    • Changes in startup for the Philips 10BDL3051T display

Release notes May 2018:

  • Platform/Portal - Digital reception module introduction:
    • Visitor registration configuration
    • Visitor lists & visitor management options
    • Inform at your reseller for the possibilities of this new module
  • Platform/Portal - Integration:
    • Google GSuite support
  • BrightBooking Device app v3.5:
    • Visitor registration kiosk mode for the Digital reception module


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