Visitor registration display profile

The visitor registration display profile hold shared settings for the kiosks you use.
For general information about profiles, please refer to the general 'profiles' article.

Device settings

The device settings configures the device it is running on (referring to the certified hardware). It is advised to secure the access to the settings on the device itself, and schedule a daily reboot.

Visitor registration

The visitor registration section give access to specify:

  • Which buttons should be visible, and which should be shown as 'primary' (colored) button.
    This way you are also able to specify an extra kiosk just for signing out, if this would fit your needs.
  • How the visitors should sign out at kiosk (via the qr-code on the badge, or by name).

Screen on/off settings

The screen on/off settings configure when the device should turn the display on and off, so the display will turn off automatically when the building is closed (applicable on certified hardware).

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