Visitor badges

Visitor badges help you recognize visitors when they are in the building, and provide a convenient way for the visitor to sign out via the qr-code. The visitor can even re-use his badge, and check-in fast.

The badge can be designed within the visitor registration configuration, and for within each visitor type you can choose which badge to print.

Visitor badges always exist within a visitor registration configuration, if you need more general information about that, please proceed to the visitor registration configuration article.


Before you can print badges, you need a badge printer to be able to print.

The printer and supplies define the size you can print, and it is very important to know exactly what can and cannot be printed, and what size can be printed.
If printing with incorrect settings (for example: incorrect size), the printer might show errors or might print in funny ways.

If you have a general design of the badge which need to be printed (for example a company logo), you can load a background image. You should use a JPG image with the size of 857 px x 539 px if you use a creditcard format badge of 85,7 mm x 53,9 mm.

The badge printing functionality only supports single sided printing.

Manage visitor badges

Log in to the GoBright portal with your manager account, and choose Settings > Visitor registration.

Now choose a visitor registration configuration, click an existing visitor badge or add a visitor badge with the 'Add badge' button.

Modifying a visitor badge

General configuration

The badge has a name, with this name you can select this badge in the visitor type configuration.

The size is defining the size you can design, and the size which is used for printing. This must be set correctly to the millimeter, otherwise your printer might not print at all.

'Background image' allows you to load an image as a background for the badge. You should use a JPG image with the size of 857 px x 539 px if you use a creditcard format badge of 85,7 mm x 53,9 mm.

Custom badge size

A couple of printers, such as the Brother QL-820NWB, support custom length paper tape. It's possible to create a custom size badge when adjusting the following settings.

Select Size > Custom from the dropdown menu and enter the correct width and height. 


Badge fields

You can create fields with content to be printed at specific positions on the badge.
Each field can be configured with a position, size and type.

The following types of badge fields are available:

  • Text
    • 'Type': The name of the visitor type
    • 'Field': One of the fields the visitor filled
    • 'Host': The name of the host the visitor choose
    • 'Location': The location where the visitor registered
    • 'Static': A static custom text
    • 'Current date': The date of printing of the badge
    • 'Current date & time': The date and time of printing of the badge
  • Photo: the photo of the visitor
  • QR code: a qrcode, which can be used for sign out, and for fast sign in when returning.

Setting up badge printing

Proceed to the setting up badge printing article.

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