Visitor types

Visitor types are a way to segment your visitors, and ask only information relevant for that visitor.

Typical visitor types are: Meeting, Job interview, Supplier, Friend/Family. For example: if you are 'Friend/Family' it is probably not be needed to fill in a 'Company name'.

Visitor types always exist within a visitor registration configuration, if you need more general information about that, please proceed to the visitor registration configuration article.

Manage visitor types

Log in to the GoBright portal with your manager account, and choose Settings > Visitor registration.

Now choose a visitor registration configuration, click an existing visitor type configuration or add a visitor type with the 'Add visitor type' button.

Modifying a visitor type

The visitor type has a name, that identifies the visitor type in the GoBright portal, but also at the kiosk.

You can enable or disable the visitor type, to (temporarily) hide it from the kiosk.

Sign in flow

The sign in flow defines which steps the visitor of this visitor type has to complete to register themselves.

Sign in flow - Fields:

'Fields' define which fields (as defined in the visitor registration configuration) need to be filled by the visitor.
Use 'enabled' to hide or show the field for this visitor type.
Use 'required' to require a value to be filled by the visitor.

Sign in flow - Host:

The host selection enables the visitor to select the host which he/she will meet. The hosts are the users as created in GoBright.

'Search host of booking by email address of visitor' will try to find a match with the e-mail address from the visitor in the attendees in the known bookings. Please note that you need to use room booking for this, as this will search in the bookings which are known in GoBright. If a match is found, the host will be pre-filled, but can still be changed by the visitor.

The 'notify' options let you choose how the host should be notified when a visitor arrives.

  • E-mail notifications are free.
  • Push notifications are sent to the GoBright App, and are also free. Note that the GoBright App does not come with GoBright Visit and is only part of GoBright Meet. More information regarding pricing here.
  • SMS notifications need to be purchased in bundles, please contact your reseller for more details on SMS bundles.

Sign in flow - Photo:

Enables the possibility to take a picture from the visitor, for example to print on the badge. This might be needed to assure that badges are personal.

Sign in flow - Confirmation:

The confirmation screen is shown when the visitor is successfully registered. The options here allow you to customize the logo and texts.

Sign in flow - Badge printing:

This option enables you to enable badge printing, and select the badge. This way you can exclude specific visitor types from using badges, or print different badges for different visitor types.

Sign out flow

The sign out flow settings are few, because the sign out is kept as easy as simple for the visitor.

You can configure what should be shown when a visitor successfully signed out.

It is also possible to automatically sign out visitors after some time, or at a specific time. This helps you to keep a clean visitor record.


If you use multiple languages in your visitor registration configuration, you might need to translate some terms. Most of the translation is already done, but the texts you specify yourself (like the name, custom titles, etc.) need to be translated yourself.

Use the 'Translate' button at the bottom, and a popup will show you which translations are needed.


Proceed to the visitor badges article to get the details about designing and printing badges.

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