Installation of The GoBright App on the non-rooted Android 11 ProDVX APPC R23 Series

This is an installation guide on how to install the GoBright app on ProDVX R23 Series displays with Android 11.

Check if your device is on the list of GoBright certified hardware here

Please follow the steps:  

1. Plug the PoE cable into the device and go to

2. Select ProDVX R23 Series:

3. Select "Download anyway" and "Open":

4. Select "Install" and "Open"

5. Open the Chromium browser and go to -> Meet/Work/Visit -> Android 8 or higher and download the latest GoBright Device App to the downloads folder. 

6. Select "Download anyway" and "Open" 

7. Select "Install" and "Done":

8. Close the Chromium tab

9. Swipe up and select "Autostart"

10. Select "Start App" and change it to GoBright-device

11. Check if the start-up app is changed:

12. Go back to the Apps and select the GoBright app

13. Allow these settings

14. Open the GoBright-Devices app and switch on the toggle button

15. Press the back arrow button and "Allow" again

16. Switch on the toggle button again

17. Press the back arrow button and select "Continue"

18. Switch on the toggle button again 

 19. Press the back arrow button and check the Settings. If everything is correct, you can select "Confirm and Reboot"

20. Activate your device by entering the activation code in your Portal as explained in the article The display shows an activation code    


*) Regarding the internet connection, we strongly advise to use wired (PoE+) connections for highest reliability. 

If you have to use Wi-Fi, please make sure you have disabled the ‘Avoid poor network connections’ and ‘Notify whenever a public network is available’ in the Wi-Fi settings menu within Android. This will increase the reliability, for example when maintenance is done on the Wi-Fi network.

You can find this in the Android settings menu -> Wi-Fi -> Advanced. Read this article about how to close the GoBright Android App to enter Wi-Fi settings of the device: Close the GoBright app on a display

Please note: not all Android versions have these options, so these options might not be applicable for your device.


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