Setting up user access to the Weekly Planner

As a system administrator of GoBright there are two key steps in allowing users to benefit from the Weekly Planner functionality.

Setting the Location

Firstly, a location will be required to be set as a working location. Access a current location or if setting up GoBright for the first time, create a new location in Settings > General > Locations.

The location can be set as a working location by ticking the option:

Save the new setting.


Setting the User Role

Secondly, users will need to be granted certain settings allowing them to create their own Weekly Planner environment.

At Settings > Users > Roles:

Select the user role to assign Weekly Planner access, or if using for the first time create a new user role by selecting Add.

If the user is allowed to make bookings, then under Bookings the ‘Allow access to weekplanner’ can be ticked:

Save the new user role setting.


Setting a default week

Users will now have access to manage their own Weekly Planner by accessing their profile area of GoBright.

Access Default Week in the profile menu

Select the default office and the default team.

Add in how your week general works. In this example the user works from home on Monday, travelling on Tuesday, not working Wednesday, whilst in the London and Rotterdam offices at the end of the week.

Users can change these settings at anytime.

Save the settings.

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